From The CW Network, Mysteries Decoded dives deeper into the lore and history surrounding a variety of supernatural and scientific topics such as UFOs, ghosts, witches and vampires. Hosted and produced by Darcy Staniforth (TW/IG: @DarcyStaniforth).

1. The Conjuring House

Darcy talks to Adam Berry, a paranormal investigator, about the Harrisville Farmhouse, the haunted house made famous by the movie The Conjuring. Next up are Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, who bought and lived in the Harrisville Farmhouse. Darcy discusses their paranormal experiences in the house and their takeaways.

2. Area 51

Guests include UFO fanatic, comedian and podcaster Travis Clark, paranormal investigator John E.L. Tenney, and Mysteries Decoded’s own investigator Ryan Sprague. In addition to Area 51, they cover personal UFO sightings, alien encounters and abductions, and the role of Area 51 in popular culture and entertainment.

3. Bigfoot

Guests include Dr. Adam Golub, American Studies professor at CSUF, and comedian and podcaster Ryan Singer. Dr. Golub chats with Darcy about Bigfoot’s social and cultural significance and speculates on why Bigfoot and other monsters seem to capture imaginations decade after decade. Then Ryan tells Darcy about his reality-shaking encounter with a shape-shifter, and the 2019 cryptid investigation that opened his eyes.

4. Hauntings

Darcy chats with guest Colin Dickey, an author and investigator, about the Winchester Mystery House. Then Darcy is joined by married paranormal investigators Dana and Greg Newkirk, proprietors of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and Occult.

5. Cursed Objects

Darcy welcomes J.W. Ocker, prolific author in the field of the paranormal. His book Cursed Objects: Strange but True Stories of the World’s Most Infamous Items, explores the beliefs surrounding cursed objects, and which normal objects he thinks should (could?) be cursed. Then the podcast welcomes Calvin Von Crush, a private collector of occult artifacts.

6. Montauk

Darcy dives into the time travel and mind control theories that surround the Montauk Project. First up, a conversation with author, screenwriter and researcher Marie D. Jones. Then Darcy talks with Brian Minnick, whose investigation into the Montauk Project spans decades. Brian’s father was employed at Camp Hero. Brian was featured in the first season of Mysteries Decoded.

7. Black Eyed Children

David Weatherly, researcher and author of Black Eyed Children, describes the phenomenon of Black Eyed Children, also known as BEKs, and discusses with Darcy their cultural significance and how he unearthed encounters with Black Eyed Children going back much further than originally believed. Then Dr. Andrea Kitta, folklorist with a specialty in medicine, belief, and the supernatural, chats with Darcy about the psychology behind BEK encounters and why their legend is so resonant.

8. Witches

Darcy talks witches and witchcraft with Renee Watt, a professional witch and psychic, about her approach to reading and assisting clients and her experiences communicating with the other side. Then witch and filmmaker Sarah Lyons, featured in Mysteries Decoded Season 1: Witches of Salem, shares with Darcy her ever-evolving relationship with witchcraft and the occult and her perspective on the Witches of Salem.

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